AGM 2016 – where your fundraising is being spent

Coleridge Families Annual General Meeting 2016

Where your fundraising is being spent

 The Coleridge Families AGM took place on 15 November. The AGM is the meeting where all those present agree on how the funds raised over the last school year are to be spent. The fabulous hard work by you all raising money makes a real difference to the children and to the School so we hope you think it has been worth all the effort!

Thanks to you we raised over £40,000 (including a significant amount of sponsorship from Martyn Gerrard) in the 2015/16 school year and, after taking into account the balance at the Bank and various items already accounted for, we had around £72,000 available to spend on projects.


West Halls – c. £52,000 to date. The Governors have been working on a proposal to create a single large hall with a dividing wall on the West side to enable whole School assemblies and better school productions for nearly 10 years. This project has been the focus of all fundraising for the last two years. The project covers more than just the knocking down the wall, putting in the bean and doors. It also covers the new stage blocks, lights and new microphones and speakers as well as new stage black out drapes and window blinds and new storage. Mr Choueke told the meeting that the new Hall had been transformational for the School and he thanked CF for their contribution.

Library Project – £4,000. The Libraries now have updated stocks of current books, including more books which reflect the diversity of the School community. The children have been given the opportunity to give books through the wish list at Pickled Pepper, and the Library areas have been improved. New shelving and noticeboards will be purchased with the remaining funds.

Attic rooms – c. £2,000. This project was funded by money raised by the Y6 class of 2015 and involved roof works, and replastering and painting three attic rooms on the East. New storage and shelves have been purchased and we now have a fully functioning costume room, a storage area, and a room for the School.

We also spent £4,000 on new equipment was purchased for Early Years and also book bags were provided for all Reception children. We also financed other items during the course of the year (c.£10,000) including: the barbecue and new gazebos – both of which we have hired out to another PSA; subsidy for the Y6 journey; beekeeping equipment; and made a final MUGA construction payment.


The Halls Project will continue in 2016/17 and we are funding new speakers, lighting, and microphones. There is also new staging and new drapes for the side of the stage. All of this will be in place for Bugsy Malone.

The remaining funds will be preserved to leave us with cash flow to finance this year’s events and any in year spending that is necessary on smaller items. The next project will be on the grounds on the West.

West Playgrounds refurbishment

There are many areas on the West Side which are now becoming either unsafe for play or will soon become so. The Millennium Garden has ben out of bounds for some time. The bank in front of the two Y3 classrooms on the way in to school is now a mud bath. The concrete surfaces outside the Y5 and 6 classrooms at the back are also becoming unsafe. The School will be devising plans for all these areas. This is likely to be another major project requiring more than a single year’s fundraising. Mr Choueke agreed to come back to the Committee when ideas were more fully formed but the meeting agreed that this project would be the next priority after completion of the pre-existing major projects. Once there was a School plan there would be opportunity for parental involvement and input.

Full minutes of the AGM and the summary accounts presented are available on the Coleridge Families website ( Details of the new Committee members are also available on the website.

Details of the committee meetings will also be on the website as they are fixed. We meet at least twice a term in the evenings and anyone is welcome to attend. Feedback is welcome – you can email us at or ask us a question on the Facebook group.

Thank you.

 The CF Committee

November 2016

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