About Us

Coleridge Families (CF) is a registered charity and also the parent staff association for Coleridge Primary School.  Our aim is to help our children’s education by fostering cooperation between the staff and parents, and encouraging all parents and carers to become involved in the school’s activities and through that their children’s education.

We organise activities that provide fun & education AND raise funds. We spend the money raised on providing educational facilities not provided by the LEA.  Find out about more about What We Do.

Every parent and carer who has a child at, and every teacher employed by Coleridge Primary School is automatically a member of Coleridge Families. We are then organised into a simple structure….


Class Reps

Each class in the school including nursery has between two and four representatives who fulfill a vital role in liaising between the committee, parents and teachers of each class. They coordinate all the social events and Coleridge Family events for their class. It’s enjoyable, the jobs are varied and are spread across the year and it allows you to meet and get to know many parents in your class and across the whole school.

The Committee

There are 4-6 elected officers on the committee, the Chair, the Class Rep Coordinator/s, the Treasurer/s, the secretary and the Newsletter Editor. The committee manages Coleridge Families on behalf of the members. All committee members have equal voting rights, except for the Chair of a Committee Meeting, who has a casting vote.

  • The Chair provides leadership for the Committee sets the Agenda for meetings and manages meetings in line with the Agenda. The Chair should ensure that issues are properly debated and an agreement is reached. The Chair should maintain order whilst encouraging debate and letting everyone have their say. Liaises with the head-teacher to establish diary dates for Coleridge Families events and is the key liaison between the school and the head-teacher throughout the school year.
  • The Secretary works closely with the chair to coordinate the agenda items, agree the location of meetings, minutes all CF meetings and circulates the minutes, recording those present at meetings.
  • The Treasurer/s maintain the financial records, report on income & expenditure at meetings, liaises with the bank, prepares and co-signs cheques, banks monies, draws up annual accounts and reports annually to the Charities Commission.
  • The Class Rep Coordinator/s is the lynchpin for all the class reps, recruiting reps and ensuring they all understand their tasks and how to run the events they need to organise during the year. They are also responsible for updating this manual.
  • The Newsletter Editor is responsible for creating and distributing the Coleridge Families Newsletter each term with news of past and forthcoming events.
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Get In Touch

We welcome your suggestions and ideas.  You can contact the committee by email: info@coleridgefamilies.co.ukYou can also contact the class rep coordinators directly by email: reps@coleridgefamilies.co.uk.