AGM 15 November 2016 Minutes

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Annual General Meeting Minutes 15 November 2016

Attendees from the Committee and School:

Elizabeth Mackie (Chair), Nikki McNamara (Class Rep Coordinator), Peter Salerno (Treasurer), Peter Bacon-Darwin (website), Leon Choueke (Head), Lucy Davies, Andy Day, Nathalie Ginvert, Francesca Iannaccone, Claire Brown, Helene Fauquet, Lesley Muir, Nicole Elliott, Susie Cottee, Eva Gonzalez, Mel Solomou, Ana-Maria Volaric, Katie Colton, Nora Ghanem, Alan Midgley. Governors: Sam James, Lorraine Gerrard


The members of the Committee were introduced, as were the aims and ethos of CF, the PTA and registered charity, which aims to advance the education of the children by providing facilities at the school that the Local Authority does not normally provide. CF works in partnership with the School and governors to help make the large school into a community by encouraging participation and involvement from all and keeping all events accessible to all families. We have updated and brightened our logo – thanks to Fran. We now also have CF banners as we have discovered that, particularly for new parents, there is still some confusion on what CF is.

On the community events side, the Reception Parents coffee morning was very successful bringing together the new parents with each other and with members of the Committee. Some parents we met then have signed up to get more involved. The Facebook and Buy, Swap and Sell Groups continue to grow, and the Facebook Group now has over 450 members, which is around 70% of school families. We facilitated various talks last year on first aid, internet safety and healthy eating but have not done any yet this year. If anyone has ideas we are happy to help organise.

We fundraise in a number of ways – the traditional year group events and committee based events like Fireworks – which was last weekend and made more profit than ever before as well as being very enjoyable. This mixed economy of event planning is working well. Key to the traditional events is the class rep system. The reps’ hard work and enthusiasm keeps the show on the road.

We’ve done a number of things this year to make life easier for reps and other event organisers. We now have a CF Dropbox where all event notes and templates are stored and updated after each event. The iZettle card reader for credit and debit card transactions is continuing to be handy. The biggest change in the last year has been the use of Ticket Tailor to sell event tickets and DVDs. This has been a spectacular success. No longer the nightmare of selling tickets at the gates but everyone now has access at the same time whether they are at school or working. It has also enable us to do two things: sign up volunteers and ask for one off donations. Around 100 people volunteered for Halloween Disco, Y6 play jobs and Fireworks through Ticket Tailor and we have received nearly £700 in donations from the Disco and Fireworks.

There are also some changes to events. Y1 last year tried a day time Advent Fair rather than an evening one. It was a great success but after discussion with this year’s Y1 reps they decided that it was a lot of work for not a great deal of profit. So this year Y1 will be running a Silent Disco to kick off the New Year. We also discussed the idea of getting in more people to help with events who had run them before. This already happened informally but we would seek more formal volunteers at the next events.


 West Halls Project – c. £52,000 to date: The focus of the last two school years has been to build up resources for the Halls and the bulk of all fundraising has gone towards this. The creation of a single dividable Hall on the West Side has been part of the School’s plans for around 10 years or so. The project was led by Dominic May, a Governor, and finally went underway this summer thanks to Scott Newman and his company stepping in. The project covers more than just the knocking down the wall, putting in the bean and doors. It also covers the new stage blocks, lights and new microphones and speakers as well as new stage black out drapes and window blinds and new storage. Leon told the meeting that the new Hall had been transformational for the School and he thanked CF for their contribution.

Attics – c. £2,000: this project was funded by money raised by the Y6 class of 2015 and involved roof works, and replastering and painting three attic rooms on the East. New storage and shelves have been purchased and we now have a fully functioning costume room, a storage area, and a room for the school.

 Library Project – £4,000: Nikki, Natalie and Andy have been responsible for this project. Exciting new books have been bought reflecting the diversity of the school, the children have been given the opportunity to give books through the wish list at Pickled Pepper, and the Library areas have been improved. New shelving and noticeboards will be purchased with the remaining funds.

We also spent £4,000 on new equipment was purchased for Early Years and also book bags were provided for all Reception children. We also financed other items during the course of the year (c.£10,000) including: the barbecue and new gazebos – both of which we have hired out to another PSA; subsidy for the Y6 journey; beekeeping equipment; and made a final MUGA construction payment.


Pete ran through the accounts explaining the receipts and outgoings and the pre-existing spending plans (see attached). CF raised c.£40,000, including a sponsorship from Martyn Gerrard which made up the 2nd biggest source of funds after the Summer Fair, in the 2015/16 school year. The meeting thanked MG for their contribution and attendees were encouraged to sign up to have a MG board for 3 weeks in January.

After the AGM in 2015/16 we agreed to devote fundraising efforts towards the projects agreed at that meeting so, after taking into account the balance at the Bank and various items already accounted for, by the end of the summer term 2016 we had around £72,000 available to spend on projects.

The meeting then approved the Accounts.


Leon then gave an outline of his vision for the School in the next year (see slides on the School website)


West Halls

There are still items for the project that need to be funded. These include the stage blocks, lights and new microphones and speakers as well as new stage black out drapes and window blinds and new storage.

West Playground refurbishment

There are many areas on the West side which are now becoming either unsafe for play or will soon become so. The millennium Garden has ben out of bounds for some time. The bank in front of the two Y3 classrooms on the way in to school is now a mud bath. The concrete surfaces outside the Y5 and 6 classrooms at the back are also becoming unsafe. The School will be devising plans for all these areas. This is likely to be another major project requiring more than a single year’s fundraising. Leon agreed to come back to the Committee when ideas were more fully formed but the meeting agreed that this project would be the next priority after completion of the pre-existing major projects. Once there was a School plan there would be opportunity for parental involvement and input.

Other requests

These include some additional gazebos and potentially an increased amount for the Library project. As agreed at the 2015 AGM there will be £2,000 will be set aside this year and for the next few years in order to provide a fund which is to be used when the MUGA turf requires replacing in around 9 years time.


The meeting welcomed the new members who had volunteered both at the Reception Coffee Morning, prior to the meeting following requests posted on the website and Face book and flyers at Parents Evening, and at the meeting. These new members are Sarah Wiley, Eva Gonzalez, Ana-Maria Volari, Mel Solumou, Alan Midgley, Sam Scott, Katie Colton, Claire Wright, Emma Grove, Keren Amiran, Aurelie Monsaigneon, Nora Ghanem and Andréa Voros who has taken over t-shirt sales.

Volunteers were requested for all posts as the Committee are keen for each post to have 2 people.

After reviewing the various nominations and discussion the committee is now as follows:

Chair: Elizabeth Mackie

Secretary: Katie Colton

Treasurers: Pete Salerno, Kit Bhatti (until Dec 2016), Morinade Akinbobola

Class Rep coordinators: Nikki McNamara, Amanda Jones, Emma Grove

Website/social media: Mel Solomou, Nora Ghanem

Marketing/ sponsorship: Sarah Wiley

Art: Fran Iannaccone

IT: Pete Bacon Darwin

Library project: Andy Day, Nathalie Ginvert

General members: Lucy Davies, Sam Thiagaraj, Claire Brown, Helene Fauquet, Lesley Muir, Nicole Elliott, Susie Cottee, Sus Cocksedge, Jo Holmes, Aynur Sezer, Eva Gonzalez, Ana-Maria Volaric, Alan Midgley, Keren Amiran, Claire Wright, Sam Scott, Aurelie Monsaigneon

Link Governor: Amanda Jones

The meeting then closed.


November 2016

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