AGM Minutes – Wednesday 8th October 2008

Coleridge Families Meeting AGM Minutes
Wednesday 8th October 2008 at Coleridge School

Dave Nice the outgoing Chairman opened the meeting, and thanked all members of CF for their amazing fundraising efforts in the last 12 months, yet again the previous years total has been exceeded. Last years total income was £21,000.

Some of the highlights much enjoyed by everyone concerned and providing monetary reward were:

Halloween Disco
The mad Halloween Disco raised £202 and was marshalled by Year 4, a wild and enjoyable event.

Advent Fair
The Advent Fair raised £1527, thanks to Hattie and Diane Winters and all involved,

Christmas Play
The sales of Bugsy Malone DVD’s  was a great success and thanks to Ollie Loncraine and Lee Mellows for editing and filming the production and the committee for organising the distribution and orders, also Corinna and Chloe for producing the show. A total of £1759 was raised and the parents were given a far superior product than previous years when we have used an outside company. Well Done Everyone.

Thanks to Fiona Yaron Field for once again taking the Christmas play photos the sales of which raised £572.

Quiz Night
The misery of the long January nights were dispelled by the Quiz Night organised by Year 1 parents who ran the bar, Lee Mellows once again stood forward as quiz master, and did a fantastic job, the cheese round was especially enjoyable if a little messy to clear up after the food fight. £972 was raised.

Sponsored Bounce
Year 6 organised the sponsored bounce last year and raised an amazing £1911 all of which goes directly to Coleridge Families,  a special thank you to Misha Stapleton for leading the line and CF committee who mucked in.

One of the most gratifying things about last year was the fact that so many parents from reception got stuck in and were enthusiastic…. Obviously it is very important year in that it was the first of the expanded years… thanks to reception for organising the Spring Dig and managing to get plenty of people out on a Saturday morning, and also for the most lucrative cake sale raising £286 from a grand total of £1283, well done everyone who helped out with cake sales especially those who baked.

Summer Fair
The Summer Fair is the main fundraiser for the year and whilst there were lots of committee members there was no out and out leader. Tim Harris organised marquees which were a success, Thanks to Alison Roberts for organising the bric a brac and merchandise, and all the class reps and buyers and sellers on the day. We had wonderful weather and the breakdown of money raised is available. Many good ideas were brought forward this year and special thanks to Gill Cowell and  Jacqui Hancher for organising the online and silent auction which raised £3332, and the wonderful talent show organised by Liz Lahav and Mario.

T Shirts
T shirt sales have been given a real boost this year by the efforts of Sarah Harrison and Sarah Carter a total of £920 has been raised and more importantly a good quality product is now available.

Dave thanked the outgoing committee his co chairs James Lambert and Indra Ove, the accounts team, Sarah Carter, Sam Thiagarja and Luke Norbury have picked up and continued the good work that Gillian O’Regan started,  and Secretary Sam Charalambous

Luke Norbury gave the financial review
From the money that CF raise one third is given over to the schools Wish List, this is split between the year groups with an extra allocation to Art and SENCO, the lower years tend to spend this on lots of items and the higher years on 1 large item that can be used across the year groups.

The School Development plan for 07/08
We looked at the school grounds and though we tried to spend the money due to things out of our control the money will now be used in the 08/09 year.
CF also funds the year 6 trip for those children who’s parents are on benefits or in need of financial help, we ask that all families pay the minimum £100 deposit but last year………. Was used for this.

CF also fund the Childrens parties at Christmas, and Mick the Lollipop man plays Santa all the Infant and Nursery children are given a gift.

Other money is kept back for the coffers.

We are now looking at plans for the next 3 years to have a consolidated plan

Some new ideas :

• Bill Bonekyn the Network manager for the school has asked for computer equipment to enhance music technology within the school
• Fund musicians to come into the school for Black History Month the approximate cost of this would be £1500 per day but the performers are very professional and it would cost a lot more money to view the same performers at the southbank, where they normally perform. Indra Ove commented that she has seen them live and they are used to performing to Huge audiences and would not be phased by 3 assemblies to accommodate the whole school. It was pointed out that the parents within the school work really hard to raise money for CF and that the committee and members would not spend it on a whim but that this would offer good value for money and an experience that the children would remember. This will be considered for next year.

The month covers questions for everyone within the school…. Who do you think you are…. Where are your family from……….

The school has funded the activities for 2008 but we may want to plan for a more expansive programme in October 2009. Dave Nice encouraged parents to plan ahead not just for the next few months but for the next 2 years. Nina will inform the committee about plans for next year.

Shirley Boffey outlined the School Development Plan.
The School Development Plan is in the home page of the web site, the basis is that the school will be looking at :

1) Environment – improve responsibility of looking after our school, equipment and ways to reuse rather than buy new. Also to look how we use the play areas.
2) PHSE- personal , social, health education and citizenship.
3) Assessment – milestones for the children yearly also termly- this will allow the school to track a cjilds development within the school from reception to year 6. All assessments will be in one place and staff will be able to use technology to see the progress of children from reception to Yr 6
There will be a new SDP and Shirley asked that parents give feedback to either the form teacher or deputy head if there is anything that they would like to raise.

Leon outlined that the plan this year would be to work with a charity called Learning Through Landscapes who will match what CF are prepared to put into the pot to improve the play environment for the children. There has already been a dialogue with Governors and children, parents and children and the Good the Bad and the Ugly have been identified within the current grounds.

Looked for a quick fix which was to be a climbing/traversing wall on the end of the junior year 3 and 4 block, however due to the construction of the wall it was found during a survey that it was not suitable for this venture.

Therefore it is hoped that a new climbing frame can be constructed shortly in the junior playgrouns roughly in the area previously occupied by the portacabins. Dave Stone from…….. has constructed the nursery and infants structures and they have proven highly popular with the children.

Other areas for consideration are the Millenium Garden which really has not fared well during the last 8 years and is in desperate need of repair or reconstruction.

The old Nature Garden is also overgrown and unused, the pond no longer holds water and is dangerous, therefore the ideal would be to fill the pond take the fence away and make the space more usable. The Wildlife section of the grounds could also be used to a quieter area at the back of the current year 1 playground.

The possibility of constructing a stage area in the playground was also discussed, as well as having defined zones for the playground.

Hall Blinds
Sarah Carter outlined that another project that was considered was replacing the decrepid blinds in the junior hall, however the cost would take almost ALL of the available money from the fundraising this year.

Thank you to Class Reps
Katy Kinloch thanked those Class Reps who have already volunteered and they were officially elected, please see the attached list for contact details. Anyone wishing to still volunteer should see Bet or Sam in the Office.

Election of Committee
New Chair  Andy Kinloch (Mentor Dave Nice)
Secretary  Elizabeth Mackie (Mentor Sam Charalambous)
Newsletter Editor Fleur Ogilvy
Luke, Sarah and Sam T will remain as the treasury team, Katy Kinloch and Gigi Ramgoolie will remain as Class Rep coordinators.
AOB    Sarah asked that any volunteers for wrapping Xmas presents for the childrens parties, please contact Sarah Carter