AGM Minutes

Coleridge Families Annual General Meeting Minutes
13 October 2015

Attendees from the Committee:
Elizabeth Mackie (Chair), Amanda Jones (Class Rep Coordinator), Nikki McNamara (Class Rep Coordinator), Peter Salerno (Treasurer), Kit Bhatti (Treasurer), Peter Bacon-Darwin (website), Leon Choueke (Head), Lucy Davies, Jo Holmes, Karolina Matkovits, Nathalie Ginvvert, Fran Iannaccone, Claire Slater, Claire Brown, Suzanne Cocksedge, Helene fauquet, Aynur Sezer, Lesley Muir, Fabienne Canale
Governors: Sam James, Dominic May


Elizabeth introduced the members of the Committee and described the aims an ethos of CF which is a regular PTA and a registered charity which aims to advance the education of the children by providing facilities at the school which the Local authority does not normally provide. CF works in partnership with the School and governors to help make the large school into a community by encouraging participation and involvement from all and keeping all events accessible to all families.

2014/15 was our first year of running more free community based events which included: monthly coffee mornings in the SBH; evening talks on first aid (thanks to Susan Downie for organizing), healthy eating (given by Mark Harber, Chair of the Governors) and internet safety; we worked with Marina Calero in Crouch End for Margot’s stem cell donor event; Coleridge Buy, Swap and Sell on Facebook; Old Coleridgeians event in the Maynard; and the Facebook group which now has over 350 members (half the School families).

On the fundraising side the key is the class rep system. The reps’ hard work and enthusiasm bring their classes together to prepare and run events through the year . Some events are run along side the year groups – prime example of this being the new style Fireworks Festival which was very successful in 2014 and would no doubt be again on 8 November. There were a few changes to events in 2014-15: fewer cake sales and sales focused on warmer months so the playgrounds could be used; Tickets4Schools for discounted theatre tickets with donations on each ticket; access to a card reader to enable large purchases at e the Summer Fair auction. Calendar already packed with events for both children and adults for 2015-16.


As discussed at last year’s AGM the fundraising effort for 2013-14 and 2014-15 was primarily for the MUGA (the multi-use games area on the West Playground) and for the refurbishment of the Shirley Boffey House. These efforts left the Coleridge Families’ coffers rather empty and the focus for most of 2014-15 was on fundraising to enable us to start paying for things again in 2015-16. There was however some money available for smaller items during the course of the year including: beekeeping suits and equipment; SCRAP project subscription and arts materials singing teacher for two terms; stage make up for Y6; hi-vis vests for school trips; iPads for Nursery; plants and compost for the Allotments; outside play and learning equipment for Early Years; and book bags for Reception.


Pete ran through the accounts explaining the receipts and outgoings and the pre0-existing spending plans (see attached).

We raised £51,000 (including sponsorship from Martyn Gerrard (see the sponsorship update on the CF website for further details) in the 2014/15 school year and, after taking into account the balance at the Bank and various items already accounted for, we had around £32,000 available to spend on projects.

The meeting approved the Accounts.


MUGA set aside – £2,000 per annum. The refurbishment of the MUGA in Summer 2014 was funded by parents, Coleridge Families, and Haringey Council. The MUGA is now an essential resource for School sports and has been a tremendous success. After discussion the meeting pledged £2,000 this year and for the next few years in order to provide a fund which is to be used when the MUGA turf requires replacing in 10 years time.

West Halls – £16,000. The Governors have been working on a proposal to create a single large hall with a dividing wall on the West side to enable whole School assemblies and better school productions. Dominic May, one of the Governors’ sub-committee dealing with the project, gave a presentation including slides showing the proposed changes and how it would look. This project has been going for some time but it is hoped that the School will be able to go ahead and complete the works in the Summer holidays in 2016 so the hall will be available for the next school year. The meeting discussed the proposal and the sums involved and pledged the £16,000 profits from the 2015 Summer Fair to the project. As well as this amount the meeting also pledged the profits from the 2016 Summer Fair to the Halls Project.

Library Project – £4,000. Nikki gave the meeting an update on the Library Project The aim of the Library project is to update the stock of current books in both Libraries and to make the libraries better places for the children to visit and enjoy books. This sum will be used primarily for new books, including more books that reflect the diversity of the School community, but will also be used to improve the spaces. A small team of parents is working with Nina Grimes and Paula Kitt on this project. They have masses of exciting plans and will let you know more soon.

Newspaper – £500. There was a request from the teachers working on the Coleridge Newspaper for £500. The Newspaper has been an enormous success and the funding would help the newspaper team put it on an even more professional footing. The meeting agreed to fund this amount.

Costume Cupboard – c. £1,500. The Y6 Class of 2015 succeeded in raising more money than they needed to fund their leavers’ events leaving a healthy amount to spend on Y6 related projects. As the play is such a key part of Y6 the meeting agreed that some of the surplus funds will be spent on refurbishing the costume storage cupboard. The committee are to investigate this further.

Gazebos – two of the Fireworks Committee (Susie Cottee and Lesley Muir) made a pitch for the purchase of 10 gazebos for use at events and for the School. It was agreed that, subject to the gazebos meeting the approval of the School caretaker as robust enough for School use at Sports Day and in the playgrounds and storage could be organized that the proposal was a sensible one. The Committee also agreed to ask the sponsors, Martyn Gerrard, about the cost of their gazebos.

The remaining funds will be preserved to leave us with cash flow to finance this year’s events and any in year spending that is necessary.


There was a call for new committee members and Morinade Akinboobola and Susie Cottee volunteered.

Meeting then closed.

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