Coleridge Families informal committee meeting 21 September 2015

Coleridge Families Informal meeting 21 September 2015 – Minutes

Present: Elizabeth Mackie, Kit Bhatti, Lucy Davies, Nathalie Ginvert, Amanda Jones, Claire Brown, Nikki McNamara, Leon Choueke

Apologies: Pete Bacon-Darwin, Francesca Iannaccone, Sam Thiagaraj, Sam James, Nina Job, Claire Slater, Fabienne Thomson, Karolina Ibranyi-Matkovitz, Helene Fauquet, Jo Holmes, Aynur Sezer, Andy Day, Suz Cocksedge, Pete Salerno, Lesley Muir, Susie Cottee

Welcome and apologies.


The main purpose of the meeting was to discuss the diary for the rest of the year and in particular to fix a date for the AGM. The proposed diary is attached. The Autumn Dig has been removed. The Bounce has also been moved so it doesn’t clash with Sport Relief. There was some discussion of the Advent Fair which again has been moved as the School are having a parents evening on the “usual” date. Y1 was going to be encouraged again to try a Saturday afternoon event as an alternative. The AGM was also discussed. A different format from last year was suggested with Leon’s talk first, followed by a refreshment break, then a more formal AGM. That talk on 15 October clashed with the prospective parents evening at Highgate Wood so Leon was considering moving it to 13 October (the revised date is included in the diary).

Upcoming events:

Fireworks – the Fireworks Team (FT) had booked Sunday 8 November for the fireworks at the N London Cricket Club. The Ally Pally’s fireworks were the day before and were quite competitively priced in comparison – details had been passed on to the FT as Leon was keen to make sure that prices were accessible to all families in School. Lesley and Susie from the FT hadn’t been able to attend the meeting as the FT were also meeting. Lesley had sent in an update as follows: two new FT members had been recruited. The fireworks were coming from the same source but lasers and circus performers were likely to be dropped. They were going to improve lighting and consider less labour intensive food options and scale up the hot bar. The teachers’ band had been booked. The budget would be redone taking into account that there would be no dedicated sponsor this year. A further update from the FT would be circulated when received.

Other events: no dates were fixed for coffee mornings but we agreed they would be held roughly once a month and ideally would be themed (see further below). It was thought useful to run the first aid, internet safety and nutrition talks again – perhaps as part of coffee mornings in the SBH. A survey monkey via FB for possible themes was suggested. A race night/ wine tasting was also considered although the diary was getting crammed. We agreed to discuss this again.

Funding and requests:

Pete S was unfortunately not present to give the current position but the funding position was roughly where it was at the last meeting in July. As agreed the Summer Fair profits of c. £16,000 were earmarked for the Halls Project. The amount that would be left over for other projects would need to take this into account along with the funding for MUGA maintenance (see below).

The book bags had gone out to Reception as requested by Leon stuffed with a CF guide to what CF does, events and being a rep along with an EasyFundraising flyer and a coffee morning poster. These had been enthusiastically received.

The Halls Project was discussed. The plan was still to go ahead in Summer 2016. The price would be around £35 – 40,000 so a significant sum from CF over the amount already pledged was likely to be needed. It was unclear how much the School would be putting in at this stage. It was hoped that Dominic, the Governor leading the project, would come to the AGM to give an update and clarify the funding need.

Library – Nina (deputy head) and Paula (librarian) had sent in a request for funding of library books (attached). Leon outlined some of the new schemes to encourage reading – one f the School’s development goals for the year – and in particular the lack of books on black, Asian and mixed ethnicity themes. There was great enthusiasm from the committee for this and on other ideas for getting parents involved like: bookplates so children could for eg give a book to the Library on their birthday and have their name in it; a wish list at Picked Pepper Books – perhaps at cost price – for some of the new books the Library wants which parents could contribute to; and a “helping your children read” themed coffee morning – perhaps with one of the Beanstalk volunteers or a teacher. Nikki and Nathalie were keen to assist on this and Andy had already mentioned his desire to do the themed coffee morning. Elizabeth agreed to go back to Nina and Paula to get going on this project.


We raised with Leon when the School would ask CF to resume funding for various sports related activities once the additional Government funding available ran out. On funding the government funds were still available so there would be no further request this year. £2k a year has already been agreed to be set-aside for MUGA carpet replacement/ maintenance.
Leon confirmed that the Sports Council was in abeyance. The School had worked hard on bringing in alternative sports such as fencing and capoeira and was putting a big emphasis on dance again this year and this push was proving successful.

Katie Kelly had mentioned at the first Reception Parents that she was keen to do something about her idea for a Coleridge fun run. The meeting thought this was a great idea and Elizabeth agreed to go back to Katie. A contact at Rokesley would be approached to find out how they ran their run.
Elizabeth agreed to redo the diary and recirculate with the minutes.

The meeting adjourned at 9pm.

Next meeting – to be arranged once AGM date confirmed.


Date Event Year to organise
Fri 18 Reception parents coffee morning Committee
Mon 21 Committee meeting
Thurs 24 New Nursery parents evening School
Fri 25 New Reception parents coffee morning Committee

Thurs 1 Reception parents evening School
Tues 13 AGM after Headteacher’s talk Committee
Weds 21 Halloween disco Year 5
Thurs 22 Parents Evening School
Oct/Nov Christmas cards Year 4
Half term 24 Oct – 1 Nov
Inset day Mon 2 Nov
Sun 8 Fireworks Fireworks team
Mon 9 – Wed 11 Learning Together School
Weds 18 School Photos School
Thurs 19 or Sat 21 tbc Advent fair Year 1
Thurs 26 Sets Evening School
Fri 27 Winter bazaar Year 2

Thurs 3/ Fri 4 tbc Mulled wine Nursery Nativity Nursery
Mon 7 – Fri 11t School play DVD’s Year 6
Mon 14 Christmas parties &present wrapping Reception
Tue 15 Carol singing & refreshments Year 3
tbc Committee meeting
Holiday 19 Dec- 3 Jan
Inset day Mon 4 Jan
tbc Coffee Morning
tbc Committee Meeting
Inset day Fri 29 Jan
Fri 5 Quiz night Year 4
tbc Coffee Morning
Half term 13 Feb– 21 Feb
Thurs 3 Parents Evening School
Fri 4 Cake Sale Reception/Year 2
Fri 18 Sport Relief School
tbc Easter egg hunt Nursery
tbc Committee meeting
Holiday 26 Mar – 10 April
Thurs/Fri 21/22 Sponsored bounce Year 1
Sat 23 tbc Spring dig Reception
tbc Coffee morning
tbc Committee meeting

Fri 13 Cake sale Year 1/Year 4/5
tbc Gig Night Year 6
tbc Coffee morning
Half term 28 May – 5 June
Sat 25 Summer fair Year 3
tbc Coffee morning

Thurs 21 tbc Leavers party Year 6
tbc Committee meeting
Inset Day Fri 22 July
Holiday 23 July – 29 August

Library request
The libraries on East and West are always busy with visits from children during class time. The West library is also open four days each week for children to use at break and lunch time, staffed by the librarian, as well as volunteers over one of the lunch time periods.

Library helpers from Years 5 & 6 come into the library regularly to put away books, tidy, and scan books in and out.

On Friday lunch times, the West library session is devoted to reading a story – currently Tom’s Secret Garden. This is an informal and cosy set up which attracts lots of children from across the years. Esther Coles, actress and one-time TA at Coleridge, began this tradition last year. Librarian, Paula Kitt, has carried on this practice.

On Wednesday afternoons, David Michaels, a local actor, reads to a group of boys each week in the library. The aim of these sessions is to engage the boys with stories and have an impact on their writing and enjoyment of reading. The boys are a mix of children receiving Pupil Premium, some have social and emotional needs and the group are from a mix of ethnic backgrounds, some speaking English as an additional language. The boys have responded really well to the story telling, demonstrating enjoyment and enthusiasm.

This year the libraries at Coleridge and Highgate Wood School have collaborated with regard to the Haringey Children’s Book Award. A group of children from Years 5 and 6 read four books from the shortlist and meet up with Year 7 students at HWS to discuss the books and then attended the award ceremony together in June.

World Book Day was celebrated in both libraries this year with a competition to design a bookmark inspired by a favourite book. A display of the bookmarks is to be exhibited in the library.

The libraries at Coleridge have received many donations of books from parents over the years. However, it is approximately eight years since they were stocked with new books. Children often ask if the library has copies of more recently-published books and when they see donations being put out on the shelves, they get very excited and this gives them to impetus to borrow and read. If some money was invested in buying new books, the children would most certainly benefit.

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