Committee Informal meeting 16 March 2015 – Minutes

Coleridge Families Informal meeting 16 March 2015 – Minutes

Present: Elizabeth Mackie, Gillian Gray, Jo Holmes, Aynur Sezer, Lucy Davies, Andy Day, Karolina Ibranyi-Matkovitz, Leon Choueke

Apologies: Pete Bacon-Darwin, Francesca Iannaccone, Sam Thiagaraj, Nathalie Ginvert, Nina Job, Suz Cocksedge, Pete Salerno, Claire Slater, Nick Thomas, Fabienne Thomson,

Welcome and apologies. A particular welcome to one of the new volunteers from the AGM – Andy.

Events update

  • Old Coleridgeians – a lively group had met at the Maynard on 1 February. An old deputy head teacher who still lived in Crouch End, Mr Hassanali, had been there. A further event was possible in the summer.


Jo reported that the bank balance was running at £36,000. £8000 is kept as a buffer so £28,000 was available for distribution.

Upcoming events:

  • Bounce scheduled for Thursday 19 and Friday 20 March [postponed due to Ofsted inspection].
  • Cake sale scheduled for Friday 20 March – the first of the year – a joint year event and hopefully outside.
  • Coffee mornings were continuing including one in Cultures of Coleridge week.
  • E-Safety event – Leon is organising this for April.
  • Healthy eating event – Mark Harber (Chair of Governors) was being approached for dates.
  • First aid events – Susan Jones had volunteered to organise these and they would be in a lecture format rather than a small group practical.
  • MUGA tournament. Parents’ netball/football event to celebrate the MUGA was planned for the Saturday of Healthy Living Week n last week of June.
  • Spring Dig – 25 April. Elizabeth would speak to Tom Smith and Simon Shiel.

Funding requests:

Two informal requests had been discussed in the last meeting: racking for the costume storage rooms in the East side and for new stage lights for the halls. Leon asked that the new stage lights be put on hold until it was clear whether the Halls project could go ahead.

Singing and Music – Leon described the further emphasis on singing across the School culminating in the Big Sing Up. There was currently a Y5 and 6 choir taken by Adrian. There was also Orchestra open to all instrumentalists and the School Play Choir. The newest provision was the singing group aimed at Y3 and 4 taken by a professional choirmaster. The School have asked CF to fund the sessions at £35 per session. The Committee members present agreed that this was a valuable new provision for the School and approved the funding.

Reception outdoors provision – Leon described how Reception were making a push on writing and were interested in CF funding new tools for writing including visualisers. There was also a move to encourage boys with their writing by running outdoor writing clubs. They also wanted to improve outdoors provision generally with a mud kitchen, games table, wooden blocks and new bikes. In principle the Committee agreed to fund the new materials. Leon would send a list.

Halls project – some further work had been done on this and it was hoped that £35k might be enough to do a basic job creating an opening in the wall between the two halls with dividing doors, together with some storage space and new blocks for a stage area at one end. There was some discussion about focusing the Summer Fair on this project.

MUGA maintenance – there had been various discussions about the MUGA maintenance and the School had signed a contact for some £1.6k a year for maintenance. The carpet on the MUGA was likely to need to be replaced after 10 years. Leon asked if CF would agree to set aside £2k a year towards this and other maintenance. The Members present agreed.

Next meeting – Thursday 30 April.


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