Committee Informal Meeting 29 January 2015

Coleridge Families Informal meeting 29 January 2015 – Minutes

Present: Elizabeth Mackie, Gillian Gray, Amanda Jones, Dahlia Patsalides, Jo Holmes, Kit Bhatti, Nathalie Ginvert, Sam James (link Governor) (part only), Leon Choueke (part only)
Apologies: Lucy Davies, Pete Bacon-Darwin, Francesca Iannaccone, Sam Thiagaraj, Nina Job, Andy Day, Karolina Ibranyi-Matkovitz, Suz Cocksedge, Pete Salerno, Claire Slater, Aynur Sezer, Nick Thomas, Fabienne Thomson

Welcome and apologies. A particular welcome to one of the new volunteers from the AGM – Dhalia. Suz, Pete, Nina and Andy gave apologies. The cold snap had laid many members low.

Events update (figures to be finally confirmed later):
 Halloween disco – this had raised around £1000
 Advent fair – had been very successful. The raffle had been particularly good. The event had raised just shy of £3000 – better than last year.
 Winter bazaar – had also done really well taking around £1900
 DVD sales – these were running at almost £4500.
 Crouch End Swab for Life – had been a success as well with over 400 swabs done so far and over £5000 raised for Delete Blood Cancer UK.

Jo reported that the bank balance was running at a very healthy £30,000 – buoyed by the above takings together with the fireworks profits (£4650) and the £2000 Greene & Co sponsorship. £8000 is kept as a buffer so £22,000 was available. There were some significant expenses associated with the DVD production so these would be paid soon. It was hoped that the DVDs would be distributed after half term.

Upcoming events:
 Old Coleridgeians event – Lucy had reported to Elizabeth that progress was being made on this. An informal gathering was taking place at the Maynard on 1 February to be followed by a reunion at school in the summer. Some boxes of old photos had been found and were being scanned. Hopefully there would be a few photos of Saturday’s event to go on the CF group.
 Quiz Night – this was now on 13 Feb and tickets would go on sale on 31 Jan.
 Sponsored Bounce – Dahlia felt this event could do with more explanation and publicity – it was agreed that more mentions on the Facebook group and more posters rather than emails/book bag notes would assist.
 The 100 club – Nathalie was continuing to work on this. There was some discussion on whether this club was too exclusive as £10p/m might just be too much of a commitment for some families and some concerns as to encouragement of gambling. It was agreed that it might work better when we had a specific fundraising project in mind (for eg the Halls project – see below).
 Cultures of Coleridge – the school were planning an international week celebrating the cultures in the school. CF had a coffee morning and cake sale planned for that week which would have an international theme.
 MUGA tournament. We agreed we should do a parents netball/football event to celebrate the MUGA. We agreed it should be on a Saturday afternoon (not an Arsenal home game day). Elizabeth will agree a date with the School and we would ask for volunteers to assist in organisation on Facebook group.
 Healthy eating event – Mark Harber (Chair of Governors) was keen to do this. We discussed whether Sam Perkins of Happy Eaters would be interested in coming along too.

Funding requests:
There hadn’t been any formal requests from the School as we had asked for them not to make any until we had an opportunity to build up reserves. Two informal requests had been made for racking for the costume storage rooms in the East side and for new stage lights for the halls.
Sam gave us an update on the Halls project. This had stalled when the Governor who had been leading left but was now being revived. The search was on for an affordable solution between the rough and ready hole in the dividing wall option and the Rolls Royce project which had been scoped already. Whatever option was chosen would require a dedicated fundraising effort.
The MUGA maintenance was something which it was likely that the school will approach CF to assist with either to purchase some equipment or alternatively to help pay for the ongoing maintenance contract. The group agreed that correct maintenance of the MUGA was crucial to protect the asset for the children. Elizabeth will contact the school for more details.

The school had received an offer from Martyn Gerrard to sponsor Coleridge Families for the rest of 2015. The proposal is for:
• £4000 to be paid to CF in this term
• £500 towards the top prize for the Summer Fair raffle
• A further £500 to cover sundries during the year
• Printing/laminating services for A3 posters for events and banners for Summer Fair, Fireworks and Advent Fair
The school will also receive a £3000 contribution towards the remaining costs of the Shirley Boffey House.
CF will do the following:
• get parents to have boards a maximum of 2x a year (ideally Quiz and Summer Fair). For 2015 it will be Summer Fair only.
• arrange for a Martyn Gerrard round in the Quiz.

There are two small issues which remained to discuss which relate to the ongoing involvement with Rileys and the relationships with any potential parent sponsors (there had been a number of those who contributed to the Fireworks). Elizabeth is to discuss with Martyn Gerrard in the next few days.

The starting point for sponsorship for 2016 will be £8k (based upon this year’s figure) although this could change depending on the events plan. As per the sponsorship policy the intention is that MG will get first refusal. All sponsorships (including those with Rileys and parent sponsors) should now go through the Governors’ agreed sponsorship procedure so any year groups or committees organising events will need to be reminded of this.

The members present considered the offer and subject to resolution of the issues that remain agreed that the offer should be accepted. Sam agreed to go back to the Governors’ sub-committee to complete the process.

Diary dates: All dates are now on updated calendar on CF website (although a couple of amendments will be needed subsequent to the meeting). We agreed we needed to emphasise the FB group and website as our key communications channels.

Next meeting – Monday 16 March.


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