Committee Informal Meeting 30 April 2015

Coleridge Families Informal meeting 30 April 2015 – Minutes

Present: Elizabeth Mackie, Gillian Gray, Jo Holmes, Aynur Sezer, Andy Day, Suz Cocksedge, Pete Salerno, Francesca Iannaccone, Nathalie Ginvert, Lesley Muir, Helene Fauquet

Apologies: Pete Bacon-Darwin, Sam Thiagaraj, Nina Job, Claire Slater, Nick Thomas, Fabienne Thomson, Lucy Davies, Karolina Ibranyi-Matkovitz, Claire Brown, Susan Jones, Leon Choueke

Welcome and apologies. Welcome to Helene and Lesley.

Events update

  • Spring Dig – attendance had been low however lots of good work had been done. CF had funded around £170 of compost, plants and also vegetables and seeds for the allotments. The main issue with the Digs was attendance given so many children had activities on Saturdays however this was still the best time at the weekend to do it for the teachers who were crucial to the event.
  • Coffee morning – attendance was discussed. There was a good level of attendance however it tended to be old timers rather than new people. We discussed refocusing it on the younger year groups with perhaps only 1 coffee morning per term run by the Committee but the others run by reps from R/Y1/Y2. This would need to be considered with Leon.
  • Tickets 4 Schools – the first offer in some time had been received and sent to reps.


Aynur reported that the bank balance was running at about £36,400. £8000 is kept as a buffer so £28,400 was available for distribution. This included some £7,000 raised by Y6 through DVD sales etc a significant amount of which would be spent on the Yearbook and other leavers’ expenses.

Upcoming events:

  • Coffee morning and cake sale in Cultures of Coleridge week. Cake sale was for Y1/4 and 5. Emphasis would be on cakes from round the world.
  • Healthy eating event – EM had asked Mark Harber to confirm a date in Healthy Living week.
  • First aid events – we had received 3 dates. We discussed the format and whether we should gauge interest in 1 date before booking multiple dates. This would initially be a CF funded event and if popular we could perhaps levy a small charge for further events. EM to go back to Susan to confirm 1 date and exact format etc.
  • MUGA tournament – The committee agreed that it was probably better if we organised an exhibition match or two – with teachers and maybe y6s – at the Summer Fair instead of a full scale parents’ tournament as those who would be organising it were comprehensively engaged in Y6 leavers events and the Fair.
  • Fireworks – the Fireworks team had provisionally booked Sunday 8 November for the fireworks at the N London Cricket Club. A date for Ally Pally’s fireworks hadn’t been confirmed but it seemed unlikely this would clash. Lesley confirmed last year’s team were happy to continue but would open it out to new people. The Governors’ sponsorship policy was outlined and it was confirmed that under that policy there was now only one main sponsor for 2015, Martyn Gerrard, who were providing c. £5000 for the year and any additional sponsors (along the lines of the parents’ companies who gave money last year) would need to go via the Committee and then the relevant Governors’ Committee.
  • 100 Club – we agreed it was probably sensible to revive this for the Autumn term as a specific Halls Project fundraising effort.

Sports Council:

The Sports Council seemed to have gone quiet since Kirk had resigned. The Committee agreed that it would be helpful for it to be revived particularly as it was likely that CF would again be asked to fund various sports related activities once the additional Government funding available for the last two years was not available. We agreed to make enquiries with the School and to identify parents who might be interested.

Funding requests:

In general the Committee agreed that piecemeal funding requests were unhelpful and it would be good if all requests went via Leon first so came essentially pre-approved as needed. The Committee only had limited funds available but it was hard to say no to pleas from for eg the bee people or the Art Dept if they came late in the year and essentially activities wouldn’t be able to occur unless funding was received. It would also encourage more timely requests and help people to understand that funding was not necessarily a given

Spring Dig – Plants, compost, seeds and vegetables for the allotments had been bought for around £170.

Singing and Music – At the previous meeting we had agreed to fund the singing sessions for Y3 and 4 for this term at £35 per session. The Committee reviewed this and agreed to consider with the School how it was proposed to fund this in the long term as it seemed quite expensive for something that was limited only to a few children. There would be scope for a small charge along the lines of other clubs to assist in funding the provision. EM agreed to speak to Leon about this.

Reception outdoors provision – Leon had provided the list of outdoor equipment (see attached) that Reception needed. The Committee had considered it in principle at the previous meeting and agreed it. This decision was confirmed.

Bees and play equipment – Kate Wells, the TA who runs the Y5/6 bee club in the summer term, had put in a request to fund more bee suits and bees sundries (see attached). We had also had a request from the TAs on the East via Leon for more balls and hoops etc for around £200.

MUGA maintenance – £2k a year to be set-aside for MUGA carpet replacement/ maintenance.


Next meeting – Wednesday 8 July 2015.





Funding requests

Bees – Kate Wells TA: 4 x new bee suits for the children and repairs to another 4 which we already have. That will bring the number up to 10, which is going to allow us to extend membership to another 3 children on the waiting list.  Other equipment we need includes: a polystyrene nuc box, varroa treatment, gimp pins, a queen excluder and 2 mouse guards. These items are not so urgent but the bee suit situation is somewhat of an emergency as bee club starts on 29th (Wed) and so far we are 4 suits down. They are currently priced at £30 each and I’m happy to order them using my own funds for now if you think it’s ok to get that reimbursed – just let me know.


TA equipment: £200 for balls /hoops etc


Reception playground:

Community Blocks – £1139.88 inc VAT for set of 52 hollow outdoor blocks from Hope Education x 2 = £2279.76

HYPERLINK “–Special-Offer-HE88200141”–Special-Offer-HE88200141

Outdoor beanbags – Set of 4 from GLS pg 650 –                                                          £167.95

Large outdoor mat – GLS pg 650 –                                                                                       £157.45

Airport play set – GLS pg 444 (6)                                                                                           £20.95

Mobilo giant set – GLS pg 577                                                                                               £119.95

Construction fleet – GLS pg 448 £44.95 x 4 =                                                             £179.80

Die Cast cars and Roadway town mat – GLS pg452 =                                             £64.90

Gratstack storage – 3 deep trays in trolley – GLS pg 1279                                 £55.60

Total – £3037.46

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