Events Allocation

Nursery                         Mulled wine at own Nativity Play – 17th pm and 18th pm Dec

                                    Nursery Easter Egg Hunt – April tbc

                                    Summer Fair stall


Reception                      Sponsored Bounce Juniors – daytime on Wed 18th March  

Sponsored Bounce Infants – daytime on Fri 20th March                 

Spring Dig – Saturday April 25thTBC with Paul Baker

Summer Fair stall

Cake Sale – Friday 16th Jan


Year 1                           Post Carol Singing Refreshments Tuesday 16th Dec

Advent Fair – Thursday 27th Nov   

                                    Summer Fair Lunches

                                    Cake Sale – Friday 13th March  


Year 2                           Winter Bazaar- daytime Fri 28th Nov

                                    Summer Fair stall

                                    Cake Sale – Friday 14th Nov


Year 3                           Summer Fair Coordination (excl stalls) – Provisional date June 27th

                                    Cake Sale – Friday 10th Oct


Year 4                          Quiz Night – Fri 6th Feb

                                    Summer Fair stall

                                    Cake Sale – Friday 5th June


Year 5                           Halloween Disco – Tues 21st Oct – TBC with Paul Baker

                                    Summer Fair stall

                                    Cake Sale – Friday 8th May


Year 6                           Arrange filming and selling CDs of school play – Dec

Summer fair stalls for year 6

                                    Year 6 leaving book

                                    Year 6 party


Other dates

AGM – Wed 8th Oct

School play – Thurs and Fri Dec 11/12th

School parties – Monday 15th Dec

Year 6 school trip end – 29th June to 3rd July