Fireworks Night!

Coleridge Families’ first firework night took place on Saturday 3 November  and was attended by over 1000 adults and children. This new event was made possible thanks to significant sponsorship by local estate agents Greene & Co. The event raised over £3000 for Coleridge Families so thank you very much to everyone who attended. We hope to make a fireworks display an annual event.

Feedback on the fireworks has been overwhelmingly positive. We were however very let down by the venue which was responsible for providing all the food and drinks on the night. The long queues, lack of some items and inadequate numbers of serving staff were unfortunately outside Coleridge Families’ control and resulted from the venue’s failure to plan adequately and to fulfil our requests.  We have raised these issues with the management and will not return to the venue without assurances that these issues would not recur.