Get involved in the Coleridge Families Committee at the AGM 15 November 2016

What are we looking for?

Although it has been flourishing, Coleridge Families is looking for more people to be committee members. We would like to see new faces and hear new voices in the committee meetings. Don’t worry if you are not sure what it involves, or not yet sure how much time you can commit – you will be welcome. One of Mr Choueke’s requests when he became Headteacher was that we find ways to widen the participation, so simply by showing an interest and attending meetings you will be helping.

All you need to do is speak to someone on the committee at Parents Evening or at the Annual General Meeting or email us at

We will then write back and let you know the date of the next Coleridge Families meeting (which will be after the Annual General Meeting, which is on 15th November).

Some of the members have no formal titles or responsibilities. They come to the meetings, put in ideas and join in the decisions. That may well be the best way for new members to start. However, you may already be interested in one of the specific roles (listed below). In future, we aim to have two people for all roles. This means tasks will be shared, and whatever your area of interest there will be room for you, and guidance from someone who is performing that role already.



  • provides leadership for the Committee,
  • sets the Agenda for meetings and manages meetings
  • ensures that issues are properly debated and an agreement is reached
  • maintains order whilst encouraging debate and letting everyone have their say
  • Liaises with the head-teacher to establish diary dates for Coleridge Families events and is the key liaison between CF, the school and the head-teacher throughout the school year. Named contact on the Paypal and Ticket Tailor accounts.
  • The Chair will end up doing any other role that isn’t filled by a committee member for whatever reason! It is a pretty full on commitment but very rewarding (usually).


This is a vital role which unfortunately has been empty for a few years.

  • works closely with the chair to coordinate the agenda items,
  • agree the location of meetings,
  • minutes all CF meetings and circulates the minutes.
  • This is a great role if you have limited time in school in the week as meetings are usually in the evening and most of it can be done by email and phone.
  • It is also a good way of getting involved and learning about the other roles on offer

Co-Treasurers –

  • maintains the financial records,
  • reports on income & expenditure at meetings,
  • liaises with the bank, prepares and co-signs cheques, banks monies, draws up annual accounts and reports annually to the Charities Commission

This role divides neatly into two: accounts and treasury. It really helps for the treasury team to be available during the school day so monies can be paid in to the bank and you can meet people to hand over expenses. You are also responsible for organising and providing floats for all events. On the accounts side you need to be confident with accounting standards and book keeping. This side of the house requires less time in school but can be pressured at year ends and before the AGM.

Co-Class Rep coordinators

  • lynchpin for all the class reps
  • recruiting reps and ensuring they all understand their tasks and how to run the events they need to organise during the year.
  • organise coffee mornings and rep events
  • circulate messages to parents and carers via the reps network
  • produce notes about all the events
  • help out with organisation of events and reps in all year groups.
  • contribute to the CF Events Dropbox, making sure it is up to date.
  • liaise with the school offices and with the caretaking staff about events
  • look after the container and do bulk ordering for events.

In this role it really helps to be available most days at drop off and pick up.

Co-Marketing coordinators –

  • assist the class reps by coordinating marketing of events.
  • Coleridge Families t-shirts ordering and sales.

Sales normally take place at Parents’ evenings but you can expand your domain into sales at other times if you have capacity.

Co-Website managers –

  • look after and keep up to date the Coleridge Families website and the Coleridge Families Facebook group (approving members and administering posts).

You could expand our reach into other social media.

Co-Sponsorship managers

  • negotiate sponsorship deals, usually with local estate agents and businesses, in accordance with the School’s sponsorship policy.
  • liaise with the committee and with the Governors’ sponsorship sub-committee on any proposals.
  • administer the gathering of addresses for estate agent boards twice a year and deal with day-to-day requests with the sponsors (mostly printing related).

Staff representatives –

  • represent the interests of the staff in the activities of Coleridge Families.

At the moment the Head is generally the only member of staff the meeting.

General members without portfolio

  • attend meetings
  • receive all the Committee’s general email correspondence
  • contribute ideas, and get involved in individual projects as and when necessary.

As mentioned above, it is a great way to get a view on the Committee to see what grabs your attention.

 Trustees of the Charity

Some of the officers of the Committee are also trustees of the charity. These are the Chair, the secretary, one or two of the treasurers, and one or two other committee members. At the moment 5 parents on the committee and 2 staff are the trustees. Being a charity trustee requires certain conditions to be met as you cannot be a trustee if you are disqualified under the Charities Act. It is vital that you read this before offering yourself up

for a position that would normally require you to be a trustee:


TELL US WHAT ROLE(S) YOU ARE INTERESTED IN BY 4PM ON FRIDAY 11 NOVEMBER. All you need to do is send an email to saying what role you’d like to do. All expressions of interest will be publicised online at from Monday 14 November 2016.

COME TO THE AGM ON 15 NOVEMBER 2016 when the committee positions will be considered. Anyone interested in a role needs to be at the meeting and voting is in person at the meeting and there is no proxy voting.


The Committee

October 2016

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