Hallowe’en Disco

Another great turnout for the Coleridge Families Hallowe’en disco this year.  There were ghastly tattoos and gruesome dips.  The children made a real effort with their costumes.  Check out some of the pictures below.

20131023_190302_Crouch End Hill

20131023_190449_Crouch End Hill

20131023_190600_Crouch End Hill

photo (2)

20131023_190602_Crouch End Hill

20131023_190847_Crouch End Hillphoto (3)

20131023_192149_Crouch End Hill

20131023_192509_Crouch End Hill

20131023_194508_Crescent Rd

20131023_195557_Crouch End Hill

20131023_195812_Crouch End Hill

20131023_200849_Crouch End Hill

20131023_201354_Crouch End Hill

photo (1)