Informal Committee Meeting – 27 February 2014 – Summary

Present:  Elizabeth, Sam T, Gigi, Amanda, Gillian, Sam J, Fabienne, Jo, Karolina

Apologies:  Pete, Nick, Lucy, Alison, Nina


Preparations underway.  Amanda and Gigi are scoping out potential venues in Crouch End.  Provisionally aiming for May.

Y6 Benefit Gig 

There was also a search on for a new venue for this. The new Arthouse in Crouch End might be a possibility.

Cake Sales

The January cake sale was very successful.  Feedback re the lack of appeal to infant parents was reported; there is an issue with having cake sales in the hall on the East side due to the restricted access for buggies.  The committee will consider whether the sales should be on West side in winter then weather permitting outside on East in the summer. Y5 November cake sale could be cancelled as too many events at that time of year.

Getting more parents involved

Sam J reported she had been approached by some parents who at present did not feel that there was much scope to get involved with CF even though they had the time and desire to do so. The meeting (together with the School and Governors) agreed it was time to refresh the events and to seek wider parental involvement, and to move forward with the plan for a reps event to get reps more involved in day to day Committee business as well as events.  We also discussed having a chief rep for each year. We will hold an open event before Easter asking for more volunteers, ideas, and involvement.

Pre school children at events

Issue on pre school siblings etc on site in school day for events or sorting was raised and whether insurance/health & safety reasons preventing this could be overcome. Sam to check with Governors H&S Committee. 


All offers for the Summer Fair and Fireworks from the estate agents approached to be finalised by the end of February at the latest.  Three offers for the Summer Fair received so far.  No offers to date for fireworks. Only two boarded events per year (Fair and Fireworks) possible. Full Committee will decide on which offer to accept in early March.

Lost property sales

It had been proposed by a parent that CF sell off lost property rather than the School giving it to charity. Consideration to be given to having sorted lost property tables at cake sales or other events for parents to retrieve items before a termly sell off/charily donation 

Gift Aid

The HMRC forms were being completed and should eventually enable CF to reclaim Gift Aid for large donations.

Updates after the meeting:

New finance procedures – new CF dedicated safe for the strong room on the West Side has been purchased. This will remove the need for the School staff to move CF money at any time from the strong room to the safe on the East or to move it round the strong room.  New procedures to ensure floats are kept separate from takings and that expenses are not paid from cash takings now instituted. This, together with the safe, will prevent any scares like the recent one of a possible theft which in fact was not a theft but a double counting of a float and additional expenses being paid in cash from takings prior to banking.

Spring Dig – The Spring Dig will be on 22 March. Pete and Elizabeth went to the first Forest School session which was great fun. The equipment CF funded will be put to good use. 

MUGA – Kirk has had quotes in from 4 companies and is pressing ahead with the next steps for grant funding. The necessary tree work is being considered at present and will hopefully be commenced shortly.