Informal Committee Meeting – 30 November 2015

Coleridge Families Informal meeting 30 November 2015 – Minutes

Present: Elizabeth Mackie, Kit Bhatti, Nathalie Ginvert, Amanda Jones, Pete Bacon-Darwin, Francesca Iannaccone, Pete Salerno, Andy Day, Morinade Akinbobola, Nicole Elliott, Lindsay Reed

Apologies: Leon Choueke, Claire Brown, Nikki McNamara, Sam Thiagaraj, Sam James, Nina Job, Claire Slater, Fabienne Thomson, Karolina Ibranyi-Matkovitz, Helene Fauquet, Jo Holmes, Aynur Sezer, Suz Cocksedge, Lesley Muir, Susie Cottee, Lucy Davies

Welcome and apologies.

Website: as Pete B-D was due to leave early this item was dealt with first. The School’s new website had meant that the old RSS news feed on the School’s home page had gone and there was no obvious link to the CF website. It was agreed that knowledge of the CF website was pretty sketchy and it needed greater promotion. A downloadable diary link in with all the CF events would also be useful for parents. Morinade agreed to help work on the website and this should help increase its profile and usefulness for parents.

AGM Committee membership, signatories and Minutes: the officers of the Committee were confirmed for 2015-16 (Elizabeth as Chair, Pete S and Kit as Treasurers); the signatories to the Bank account (Kit, Amanda and Elizabeth with Pete S to be added); and the charity trustees were confirmed (Jo removed and Pete S added). The minutes of the AGM circulated on 30 November 2015 were approved.

Funding – Pete S ran through the current position on the accounts (see attached). As there was a significant amount in the current account Pete proposed moving £35,000 to the deposit account so it would earn (limited) interest. The position with signatories with NatWest was still stuck as the Bank had lost the last set of forms but further attempts were being made to get Pete S on as an approved signatory.

Barbecues – the proposal from the Fireworks team was discussed including the comparative merits of new versus second hand and what size(s) would be sufficient. It was agreed that given the cost of hiring barbecues for the Summer Fair and the Fireworks that it would be financially worthwhile investing in our own and it would open up the option of further events with barbecued food. Issues remain on how to keep the barbecues in good condition and storage (see below). It was however agreed that £2000 was a sufficient initial sum to spend on this and Scott Newman would be asked to investigate what could be purchased. It was likely that this would fund either 1 new or 2 second hand barbecues.

Container – one of the main issues on purchasing the barbecue is adequate storage. The CF container is full and despite regular clear outs is often looks cluttered. Ideally a second container would be available for the bigger items and then more shelving could be built and more storage boxes purchased for the existing container. The caretakers would be approached for more shelving and the School for space for more storage.

Sponsorship – the School’s new sponsorship policy had been agreed by the School and Governors and had been circulated and posted on the CF website. A note had gone out by email to the whole School explaining the current deal and why it was valuable to CF and to the School. The School had decided they wanted to return to sponsorship for the academic year so Martyn Gerrard, who had first refusal for the next sponsorship year under the policy, would be asked to offer an amount for the period Jan to August. The sponsorship would then run September to August. The boards, which were a significant part of CF’s side of the sponsorship bargain, were required for January 2016. They would say “supports Coleridge Primary School events” which seemed to be the best compromise between advertising a specific event and advertising no events at all. So far we only had about 1/3 of what was required but Fran would organise a whole school email.

Online sales of School Play DVDs: Nicole had investigated various online selling mechanisms. Ticket Tailor was one used by many local events. Golden Giving was one aimed specifically at charities and as well as being able to sell tickets would also receive donations and had other useful functions. Lindsay mentioned Parent Pay, which was in use at Highgate Wood School, although this was a whole school finance system and might not be available just for PTAs. Elizabeth would circulate the comparison table and organize a poll.

Update: A further PTA specific site, PTA Events, and was also included on the schedule. A poll of committee members showed 12 in favour of Golden Giving and 2 for PTA Events. Elizabeth agreed to deal with signing up to Golden Giving and registering for a 30 day free trial of PTA Events. Due to lengthy enrolment processes Ticket Tailor would be used for the DVD sales and then the longer-term options would be looked at. A CF PayPal account would be set up to facilitate payments.

Library -. Natalie updated the meeting on progress with the Library project. A trip to see Campsbourne Library had been arranged and a literacy specific coffee morning would be arranged next term probably towards the end of January.

Next meeting – to be arranged when we return to School in January.

The meeting adjourned at 9.30 pm.


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