Informal Meeting 18 October 2016 – Minutes

Coleridge Families Informal meeting 18 October 2016 – Minutes

Present: Elizabeth Mackie, Andy Day, Nikki McNamara, Melanie Solomou, Morinade Akinbobola, Leon Choueke Lucy Davies, Pete Salerno, Francesca Iannaccone, Nicole Elliott, Susie Cottee, Lesley Muir,

Not present: Amanda Jones, Pete Bacon-Darwin, Nathalie Ginvert, Suz Cocksedge, Nina Job, Claire Slater, Sam James, Sam Thiagaraj, Claire Brown, , Kit Bhatti, Eva Gonzalez, Sarah Wiley, Ana-Maria Volaric, Alan Midgeley, Sam Scott, Helene Fauquet


We welcomed Melanie Solomou to her first meeting. There had been a good deal of interest in the Committee at the Reception Parents coffee morning and Sam Scott, Ana-Maria Volaric, Sarah Wiley, Eva Gonzalez and Alan Midgeley had all expressed an interest in joining although they were unable to attend this meeting. .

Upcoming Events

Halloween Disco – Y3-Y6 – Wednesday 19 October. The volunteer question and the donation request had worked incredibly well and nearly £400 extra had been raised as a result.

Festive Cards – an online system was being tried by the company this year.

Fireworks – 12 November

AGM –Tuesday 15 November.

Winter Bazaar – 25 November

Christmas Carols – 19 December

Christmas Parties

The Year 1s had decided they didn’t want to do the Advent Fair and wanted to try a Silent Disco rather than a play themed event. Planning was in the early stages and it wasn’t clear yet whether this would be pre or post Christmas.

Halls Project and Attic Rooms update (project approved at 2015 AGM)

As discussed at the September meeting these projects approved at the 2015 AGM are well underway.

Work was still being done on sourcing the lights, speakers, stage blocks and the new stage blacks. Fundraising would continue through the year to pay for these items.

Other expenditure

Y6- separate fundraising was being done to fund Y6 leavers’ events. Y6 had been reminded that any shortfall on the PGL trip would need to be met by funds raised either by Y6 or CF more generally. .

Upcoming projects

Leon confirmed again that after the Halls Project and the other associated items had been completed the School would like CF to focus fundraising on the West Side grounds in particular the Bank and the Y5/6 playgrounds. There had been some incidents in the playground of injuries as a result of areas of disrepair and children misbehaving when unsupervised after school. The litter situation was also becoming unmanageable despite the messages about it and the playground rules which had been put up earlier in the year.   Leon also confirmed that he would be closing the playgrounds early in the winter months.

Leon also confirmed that by the AGM he would consider the broad areas he wants CF to fund in the coming years once the Halls Project is completed so that the Committee have some areas to focus on when asking for input from the parent/carer community. Committee members also agreed to consider the best methods of engaging parents not only with the School’s ideas on what should be funded but also for providing a focus for their own ideas. This could be accompanied by clearer presentation of proposed expenditures to go with past expenditures page on website and a new page on how CF works so parents have clearer idea of what things CF can and can’t help on given the objects of the charity.


Pete S gave an update on the state of the finances and provided updated accounts summaries for the meeting.


The draft sponsorship agreement with Martyn Gerrard was agreed. The position as to first refusal was clarified as being a continuing one so every year the main sponsor would have first refusal for the next year. The agreement for this year was approved. It was agreed that Elizabeth would approach MG to see what further they would require from us over and above the existing agreement in order for MG to increase the main sponsorship amount from £4.5k.

New recruits for committee and communications with parents for boards

The meeting discussed the letter to parents requesting boards and the flyer for new members. Andy agreed to amend the flyer on the AGM/ new committee members and the longer roles and responsibilities documents to reflect the general desire to make them more friendly and more likely to get people to want to become engaged without putting them off by formal elections processes. These will be distributed at Parents Evening on Thursday and available on the CF website. Fran will amend the boards letter to put up front what we want from people with the explanation further down. The reps would need to be engaged with this exercise to get the no of boards we need.

Next meeting:

AGM 15 November



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