Minutes of committee meeting 15 May 2017

Meeting Minutes 15 May 2017

Attendees from the Committee and School:
Elizabeth Mackie (Chair), Nikki McNamara (Class Rep Coordinator), Kit Bhatti (Treasurer), Leon Choueke (Head), Andy Day, Nathalie Ginvert, Sarah Wiley, Francesca Iannaccone, Susie Cottee, Emma Grove (Class Rep Coordinator), Nicole Elliott.

Not present: Amanda Jones, Peter Salerno, Lesley Muir, Lucy Davies, Eva Gonzalez, Katie Colton, Helene Fauquet, Morinade Akinbobola, Alan Midgley. Jessie Turner, Claire Brown, Claire Slater, Mel Solomou, Ana-Maria Volaric, Nora Ghanem, Jo Holmes, Aynur Sezer, Claire Wright, Sam James, Sam Thiagaraj, Sam Scott, Keren Amiran, Aurelie Monsaingeon, Andrea Voros, Nina Job, Suz Cocksedge, Peter Bacon-Darwin


PS had reported by email that the funding situation was pretty static after the latest receipts and payments. The bounce had raised some £1250 so far and Gig Night profits were around £3000. The blinds (see below) had cost c.£4500. The Y6 fundraising is going well. The Y6 trip was not yet fully funded and there was a significant gap which was confirmed after the meeting to be some £2,500. It was agreed that it was likely that a £1500 subsidy for the trip might be needed and this would be worked into the Y6 figures. Y6 are selling caps and sports bags at Sports Day and the Fair which would go towards this.

Contributions to the School’s Learning Enhancement Fund had been received (see LC’s letter to parents). As some parents want to make contributions to the school via CF to take advantage of Gift Aid which adds 20% to the value of the donation LC was planning a further letter to explain the various methods available the school.


NMN reported that plans were progressing well. It was suggested that CF have a t-shirt stall at the Fair. EM to contact AV to see if she would be happy to organise.

The film night was agreed to be an exciting idea with lots of options for making it a success including doing it outside in September when the weather was still good and using the BBQ or a “secret cinema” style event. A contact at a film company would be approached to se about availability of popular new films.

SC reported on the deals done by vegetable box companies. Riverford seemed to offer the best deal at the moment they pay £15 on the 3rd box and £15 on the 52nd box for new customers and £15 for old customers. They did all the admin and boxes went to people’s homes. . It was agreed that we would sign up. Riverford would provide leaflets etc.


LC reported on the meeting between Martyn Gerrrard and the Governors Charity and Sponsorship committee. This meeting had been positive and the various issues that had arisen were fully aired and clarified. NMcM also reported on the meeting the Summer Fair team had had with MG on issues round what will be provided for the Fair at which some of these issues had also come up. The issue of boards had come up again in both sets of discussions and in particular why CF couldn’t get as many takers as other schools FI confirmed that over 70 boards had been obtained but that the 120 they wanted was clearly unachievable this time (as it had been earlier in the year). Various reasons were given for the reluctance: many live in flats and can’t have a board; others didn’t like the fact that they have school age children was advertised by the boards; others thought the boards were visual clutter; also some parents had already said yes to KFH boards for Highgate Wood.

The CF sponsorship group had prepared a useful document setting out how sponsorship would be approached from now on which would provide greater clarity on what could be offered by CF in next year’s agreements with sponsors. Any future agreement with an estate agent would need to include limited numbers of boards. The group would meet with LC to discuss the document in due course.


The black out blinds are now in and Paul and Darren are moving on to making some new storage space. The next element after that would be the repair of the floor (as reported at the last meeting this would cost circa £8-10k including the warranty).


LC was working with Haringey to obtain funding for various issues that they should have dealt with during the expansion but didn’t like failing to provide drainage for the trees. More and more areas of the playground were going out of use: the Y5/6 playground was near closure and generally all the wooden posts put in some years ago were rotting. It was hoped that Haringey would in part fund some of the works. There was the potential to use some of the “education land” outside the fencing as well but that would need careful consideration. A letter seeking volunteers for the new “Grounds Group” would be going out and the group would work with the School and children to prepare plans for a phased renewal of the playground with the Millennium Garden likely to be the first section to be renewed..

There would be one more meeting this term after the Summer Fair. Date to be fixed.

May 2017

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