Minutes of Committee Meeting 20 March 2017

Attendees from the Committee and School:  

Elizabeth Mackie (Chair), Nikki McNamara (Class Rep Coordinator), Morinade Akinbobola,), Leon Choueke (Head), Andy Day, Nathalie Ginvert, Helene Fauquet, Lesley Muir, Eva Gonzalez, Katie Colton, Sarah Wiley, Alan Midgley. Jessie Turner, Francesca Iannaccone,

Not present: Amanda Jones, Peter Salerno, Kit Bhatti, Lucy Davies, Susie Cottee, Emma Grove, Claire Brown, Claire Slater, Nicole Elliott, Mel Solomou, Ana-Maria Volaric, Nora Ghanem, Jo Holmes, Aynur Sezer, Claire Wright, Sam James, Sam Thiagaraj, Sam Scott, Keren Amiran, Aurelie Monsaingeon, Andrea Voros, Nina Job, Suz Cocksedge, Peter Bacon-Darwin


PS reported that after paying invoice #30, there will be approximately 5K in the CF bank account. The Xmas cards made very little profit but NMC also reported there were problems with the on line system and this caused a lot of extra work. The Xmas trees were also highlighted as not raising very much income although profits were good for the small no of sales but it was agreed that the timings were a little restricted and this affected sales. Next year a voucher system could be put in place enabling people to have more flexibility on when they can buy their tree. The Silent Disco was a success and it was agreed that this event should be repeated. The cake sale went very well and the Y6 fundraising is going well EM to report back the amount of any subsidy for the trip.


LC reported that he was still waiting for final quotes for the window blinds and he is going with black out blinds which will make the Xmas play easier to organize without having to hang drapes to block out the light. LC said Paul and Darren would look into making some new storage space. When done the art materials can be housed here. New smaller lunch tables are being purchased which will take up less room when storing away. LC reported that he was going to get the floor repaired rather than replaced. For repair and sealing it costs circa £8-10k including the warranty. Looking ahead when the school is going to rent out space at the weekends and evenings, the toilets need to be renovated. There will be 4 separate individual rooms replacing the old fashioned loo’s with space between the floor and the door.



NMN reported the Summer Fair theme is ‘A mid Summer’s night dream’. The Auction is scheduled for that day. There had been some interest in an Auction Night but collectively people thought an Auction the night before might be too much with two consecutive events. There is talk of another Auction later in the year. TBC. NMC to send letter for approval to JB and LC. Suggestion for prizes including theatre, football tickets, holiday homes stay.


Ideas were discussed of a Film night or a film day with sing a long including breakfast. License to show films are not beyond CF budget thanks to a deal from PTA UK.


LC reported on the changes in Sponsorship policy which had been made by the Governors. He said we need to be clearer in proposing what we want from our Sponsors and vice versa. There needs to be transparency from both sides. A permanent board for the playground sponsorship could be considered. Other ideas included advertising on the Coleridge School or CF websites and the School newspaper could include advertising.

There needs to be more communication about the Easyfundraising website. Send more reminders, create awareness around this as it was very easy to raise funds this way. EM said the organic boxes was still pending and she requested that someone take this project on. LC said that Pickled Pepper books were very supportive of the school and continuing the wish list was very helpful for the Library and a good thing to promote to parents.


The next phase of fundraising after the Halls will be focused on the grounds. LC said he was due to meet with Haringey (Debbie McGee). Coleridge had paid for the repairs to the fencing and other grounds works like the MUGA when the Council should have covered the costs. LC said going forward he wants the children to take more responsibility in looking after the garden by including them in the renovation scheme may encourage them to be more respectful of the grounds. LC was also going to ask for parents to contribute to a group looking at the renovations alongside the School and the children.


April 2017

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