Minutes of Meeting 5 June 2018

Meeting Minutes 5 June 2018

Attendees from the Committee and School:   

Elizabeth Mackie (Chair), Nikki McNamara (Class Rep Coordinator), Kit Bhatti, Leon Choueke (Head), Sarah Wiley, Alan Midgley. Francesca Iannaccone, Andrea Voros, Peter Bacon-Darwin, Challe Hudson, Morinade Akinbobola, Fran Kellett

Not present:   Peter Salerno, Lesley Muir, Eva Gonzalez, Katie Colton, Lucy Davies, Susie Cottee, Claire Brown, Claire Slater, Ana-Maria Volaric, Nora Ghanem, Claire Wright, Sam James, Sam Scott, Keren Amiran, Aurelie Monsaingeon, Nina Job, Suz Cocksedge, Jessie Turner, Mel Solomou, Lorainne Gerrard, Andy Day, Helene Fauquet,


Fran Kellett came to talk about her work with Laura Bosworth on an initiative to make the School single use plastic free. The charity Surfers against Sewage has produced online tools and resources for schools which could be used.  The proposal was to start by redoing the 7 water fountains outside on the school playgrounds. Each one of these was £226 incl VAT. The design would need to be approved by the School first but the meeting agreed that this would be a sensible use of the funds raised for the grounds improvement. Other ideas included the possibility of providing aluminium water bottles to the children.  This would need further research but the purchase could be sponsored given the costs. The aim would also be for events to go single use plastic free.


Sign-ups were underway.


I had been quite an effort to sell tickets for Gig Night. There is still a perception that this is a Year 6 event for Y6 only despite the fact that it is not marketed as such.  Vital to change the perception given the effort that went into producing it.

Summer Fair – reparation underway, This year the auction would all be online with a live auction of the top 3 items at the end.

Cycle ride – this was shaping up to be a successful and exciting event.


Andy Day was continuing with this project.  The meeting discussed the importance of looking at events or initiatives that did not involve alcohol.  The cookbook idea would be ideal for this.


Haringey Council were surveying the playgrounds. Funding was expected for some of the work. School were getting quotes for urgent items like replacement decking for some areas and resurfacing the playground. Team of Governors including an architect (Debs Kuypers) were looking at proposal for the grounds.

There was still an issue with water under the floor of the Halls which was likely to need further expenditure from the reserves.


 It was confirmed that the latest round of donations to the LEF (and related Gift Aid) would be transferred across to the school for the light board purchases and new reading furniture for the classrooms.

The meeting provided the appointment of Morinade Akinbobola as a trustee of the charity.

Update: The next meeting is to take place next school year in October 2018.


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