Minutes of Meeting 6 February 2018

Meeting Minutes 6 Feb 2018

Attendees from the Committee and School:   

Elizabeth Mackie (Chair), Nikki McNamara (Class Rep Coordinator), Kit Bhatti, Leon Choueke (Head), Andy Day, Helene Fauquet, Sarah Wiley, Alan Midgley., Francesca Iannaccone, Peter Bacon-Darwin, Louise Foulkes, Mel Solomou, Lorainne Gerrard, Abigail Marsden, Abby Sinnott

Not present:   Peter Salerno, Morinade Akinbobola, Lesley Muir, Eva Gonzalez, Katie Colton, Lucy Davies, Susie Cottee, Claire Brown, Claire Slater, Ana-Maria Volaric, Nora Ghanem, Claire Wright, Sam James, Sam Scott, Keren Amiran, Aurelie Monsaingeon, Andrea Voros, Nina Job, Suz Cocksedge, Jessie Turner, Challe Hudson


Abby Sinnott came to talk about her proposal for a Coleridge Cookbook. The proposal was to ask for recipes from as many families as possible to produce a cook book. There were companies who specialised in getting fundraising cookbooks published so she would investigate these.

Abigail and Helene spoke about the proposed Sunday afternoon Yogathon. This was to be an event for adults and children and involving a sponsored set of sun salutations. This was fixed for 25 April.

Nikki and Elizabeth reported back on the most recent events: Halloween Disco, Xmas Cards, Silent Disco.  The new style Carols in the West playground had worked a lot better. We haven’t moved further with the movie night proposals as the diary seems very full.

Sarah reported that the charity bike ride was up and running and would take place in June.


Ms Foulkes attended the meeting to talk about how best to engage with families who may not be able to access events because of the price or other reasons. We discussed various ideas such lower priced tickets/ vouchers eg for rides / meals at the Fair; target coffee mornings; and events which weren’t about fundraising.


The final stages of the Halls project would be the repair of the floor (underway) and bespoke storage (by Paul and Darren) at circa £3k.

Haringey Council had confirmed some funding for remediating the poorly done works within the Coleridge grounds at the time of the expansion.  On the wider grounds project there were plans for a parental survey. So far asking for parent gardeners to help on an ongoing basis had not been terribly successful although there has been planting in the new beds and the work by the Year 1 hedge project. Tree surgeons would also be coming in to complete tree works. The hope was to be able to clear an area to create a new space for PE as a first step.


 It was confirmed that the latest round of donations to the LEF (and related Gift Aid) would be transferred across to the school for the light board purchases – the next year to receive these is Year 4. This left a balance (less committed expenses & reserves) of nearly £36,000 – this is predominantly earmarked for the major projects of the Halls and Grounds.

WW2 books for Year 6 – the purchase of these were approved. Update: A Year 6 parent funded these directly.

Haringey Children’s Book Award Shortlist – the purchase of these books for the Library was approved.

Update: The next meeting is to take place on Tuesday 5 June at 9. am.

EM Feb 2018

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