Minutes of meeting on 12 March 2019

Attendees from the Committee and School:   

Elizabeth Mackie (Chair), Leon Choueke (Head), Mel Solomou, Francesca Iannaccone, Lorraine Gerrard (Chair of Governors), Louise Foulkes, Andy Day, Georgia Norton, Andrea Voros, Alan Midgley, Georgia Norton

Committee members not present: Emma Grove, Sarah Wiley, Nikki McNamara (Class Rep Coordinator), Kit Bhatti, Helene Fauquet, , Peter Salerno, Morinade Akinbobola, Eva Gonzalez, Katie Colton, Lucy Davies, Susie Cottee, Ana-Maria Volaric, Nora Ghanem, Claire Wright,  Sam Scott, Suz Cocksedge , Challe Hudson


The work by the Tipping Point team had  been going really well and there were some really interesting insights from the sessions with the various parts of the school community. Key areas for the children were hang out spaces like the wildlife area (next to the MUGA) and the old Millennium garden. Haringey had completed their survey which included the use of drones over the site and also going down the drains. They would provide an overview and then an in-depth survey.  

The meeting agreed that it was important to get some projects up and running as soon as possible whilst we wait for the overall vision. One immediate action would be to create a 2nd access gate on the north end of the West playground on Crouch End Hill. This would ease overcrowding on the bridge at the main gate and would also enable better access for the new disabled access ramp.  This would be priced up by Debby Kuypers and the intention was to use a significant amount of fence and gate panels which had been left over from the expansion work. Ideally this work would be done over the Easter holidays or later in the Summer.


Clean Air Coleridge has launched and they are making progress with researching and costing options for a green wall on Coleridge East.  They are engaging with the Liveable Crouch End team and there are potential funding streams there that may assist.  A  supportlocal councillor has become involved as well.


Events generally are making slightly less money than in previous years (eg Quiz, Silent Disco). It was difficult to see exactly why but perhaps ticket prices were an issue? Upcoming events for next term included a test movie night for Y5, a rebranded gig night, and the Summer Fair.

There is an offer by a parent with a family connection to a local musician who is prepared to do a one off benefit concert.  This would need to be worked round their existing touring schedule.  This would be an event that would be of significant interest outside the parent body so had potential to make a considerable amount. Further update would be given when logistics had been sorted out.


Funds remained healthy despite the slight downturn in event takings

Potential new spending:

  • Library – need a volunteer to take over from Andi looking after the library. There was also a need to fund more shelf dividers.
  • Info boards – noticeboards on both site. We had had these before although keeping them up to date and free of ads was an issue.  

The next meeting is on Friday 10 May at 9am.

EM April 2019

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