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Coleridge Families (CF) has had sponsorship from various estate agents based in Crouch End and the surrounding area since at least 2010. Over the years the main sponsor has varied and all of Tatlers, Greene & Co, Anscombe & Ringland, Prickett & Ellis, and now Martyn Gerrard have been involved to greater or lesser degrees. Generally the main agreement has been centred round the Summer Fair and in return for a significant sum of money (historically in the region of £2,000 to £3,000) CF organised for about 70 parents to take estate agent boards for around 6 weeks in May/June, together with a stall at the Summer Fair, prime advertising spot in the Summer Fair programme, and the sponsor’s logo on publicity materials and banners. Other events have also been sponsored including the Fireworks last year.

The sponsors of the 2014 Summer Fair, Greene & Co, having also sponsored the 2014 Fireworks, decided not to continue their sponsorship for the 2015 Summer Fair so a new sponsor was sought. Martyn Gerrard who had been involved in supporting the School’s project to refurbish Shirley Boffey House approached CF about becoming a sponsor and supporting CF and through CF supporting the School community. The offer made was better than those that had been received in previous years and after consideration in accordance with the School’s sponsorship policy(available on the School website) the offer was given approval by the Coleridge Families Committee (including the Head teacher) in a meeting on 29 January 2015 (see the minutes on the CF website) and passed to the relevant committee of Governors for final approval.

The agreement was that Martyn Gerrard would be the sponsor of CF for 2015. MG agreed to provide:

  • £4,500.
  • up to £500 towards the top prize for the Summer Fair raffle. This prize was an iPad Mini.
  • Printing/laminating services e.g. for A3 posters for events and banners for the big events such as the Summer Fair, Fireworks and Advent Fair. The printing services provided so far have included posters, banners, printing of tickets for the Gig Night and printing of the Summer Fair programme. In total this has saved CF around £1,200 in printing and laminating costs so far this year.
  • Loan of gazebos for use at events.
  • Martyn Gerrard has subsequently also offered to pay a small percentage of the agent’s fee it receives to CF when any parent sells or lets their home through MG.

The School also received a £3,000 contribution from MG towards the remaining costs of the Shirley Boffey House separately from the sponsorship agreement with CF.

In return CF agreed to:

  • Find parents (around 70) to display boards for a maximum of twice a year (ideally Quiz and Summer Fair). For 2015 boards have only been requested once.
  • Include a Martyn Gerrard round in the Quiz. This was the well-received Crouch End street corners round.
  • Provide a stall at the Summer Fair alongside the usual advertising in the Summer Fair brochure. This year this was the “soak an estate agent” stall which raised £135.

As per the School’s sponsorship policy MG will get first refusal for 2016.

Why boards? Boards are used, as they are one of the preferred advertising routes for the estate agents who are the primary source of local sponsorship. Nearly all schools in the local area will have similar boards up once or twice a year. CF had received concerns from some parents that the dates of events were advertised on boards and that this was a security risk. We therefore asked for dates to be removed last year from the boards. This year as the sponsorship is for all events rather than a specific one we suggested the boards should simply refer to Martyn Gerrard’s support for the School with no date or event. Having a board is always a matter of parental choice. There are over 650 families in the School, so only 10% of parents need to host a board for us to meet our commitment. We have usually found willing participants easily.

If anyone has issues relating to sponsorship or would like to discuss the matter further or if you are interested in joining the Committee please contact the CF Chair, Elizabeth, on info@coleridgefamilies.co.uk

October 2015

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