Summer Fair Raises over £13,000


We were blessed with amazing weather for the summer fair (which, in retrospect, seemed even better given the evening monsoon!), and a great turnout from families and friends. Some children, and quite a few adults, got to show off their skills in the circus skills area. The barbeque, stalls, rides, arts and crafts and art gallery were as popular as ever. Some lucky fair goers were even treated to a massage, or to Mystic Misha reading their fortunes…

Fair-goers were treated to a range of wonderful music – on the stage, in the junior’s hall, and near the entrance. A special mention must go to Golden Time, the teachers’ band. As we’ve always known, Coleridge has got talent!

The school fair has raised an amazing amount – over £13,000. For a breakdown of this figure, see the Revenue Breakdown.

Thank you so much to everyone who helped out.