Summer Newsletter 2015

Summer Newsletter

What a great Summer Fair that was and a brilliant year of events: both old (Advent Fair, Bazaar, discos, quiz, cake sales) and new, in particular the Fireworks festival.

We know that lots of you have been waiting to hear the final totals from the Summer Fair and the CF accounts team have been waiting as the final auction payments and expenses claims have trickled in over the last week or so. We now have what we think is everything on both sides and are delighted to announce that we made a profit of £16,000!!! This is more than 50% up on last year helped no doubt by the glorious sunshine. This is absolutely brilliant as unlike previous years it does not include the generous sponsorship that we have this year from Martyn Gerrard nor the big support they have given with printing costs. Thank you to the countless number of people who worked on the Fair and in particular to the Year 3 reps!

As you will have read in the Summer Fair programme the profits from the Fair are going towards the Halls Project. As Dominic May the Governor behind the project wrote:

“ In 2012 a hugely important piece of work was done to explore the potential for the School to be ‘completed’ with a new, major hall on the West Side which would allow the whole School to come together on a regular basis and at special times of the year. The vision created remains a long-term aim, but, because of the substantial sums involved, the project has a 5-10 year timescale at best. So, in the meantime, the School has been investigating an interim solution, that in its simplest version aims to remove the wall that currently divides the Hall in two, and replace it with a movable, sliding partition. The critical factor is that the structure put in place of the wall must not reduce the opening any more than is absolutely necessary. The combined spaces must feel like one big hall. The school has engaged a top structural engineering consultancy to oversee the works, and their brief from the outset has been to see what is the minimum that needs to be done to the existing building. We have also taken the advice of an experienced contractor to advise upon logistics and timescales.”

The Summer Fair profits take us a long way towards achieving the aim of undertaking the works in the summer holidays of 2016 – which is really amazing! There is still a long way to go though so watch out for lots more Halls fundraising over the next school year.

The Halls project isn’t the only thing we have raised money for:

  • Reception are in need of new outside play and learning equipment which has been funded and will be available in September.
  • Money has been set aside, and will be on a yearly basis, to cover maintenance of the MUGA (multi use games area) on the West side and eventual replacement of the green carpet in 10 years time.
  • We have made contributions to plants, compost, seed and vegetables for the allotments and grounds.
  • We have also funded bee suits and bee stuff for the Y5/6 bee club.
  • Singing sessions for Y3/4 have been funded for the Spring & Summer Terms.

We have continued to run our free coffee and croissants mornings monthly in the Shirley Boffey House. It is great to use an asset that we helped to fund. We also started our Reception parent coffee mornings for each intake as they join so that they can meet other parents from their class. We will be continuing these in September and with an evening event for those parents.

We have also worked with the school and parents on four community events: Crouch End for Margot, the DBUK stem cell donor drive, an e-safety talk, a healthy living talk, and a first aid talk.

We now have over 330 members on the flourishing closed Facebook Group. Even if you never use Facebook for anything else please join just for this – it is a great way of communicating with other parents and also for Coleridge Families news. The link is at You will need to set messages to non-friends when you ask to join so we can contact you to check you really are a Coleridge person!

Look out for news about Coleridge Families events and what we do on Facebook and on the website: . Details of the committee members, notes of the meetings and the events diary are all there. The new diary will be posted when we return in September. We are always looking for new Committee members – if you think you’d like to join please contact our Chair, Elizabeth for more details:

And don’t forget you can also help raise money by signing up to shop via

Thanks to everyone, and in particular the brilliant class reps, who made this last year such a success.

The Committee


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