What We Organize

Halloween Disco

The discos are for Years 3 to 6 only. It is a fun filled couple of hours for 2 year groups at a time with a Halloween theme and lots of games as well as dancing.

Autumn and Spring Digs

These are the opportunity to get out your gardening tools and help improve the school grounds. We have helped build the outdoor classrooms, planted the allotments, cleaned the ponds and many other projects at these Saturday events twice a year.


This is a traditional fireworks display at local cricket club together with lots of added extras like music and food and drink. Like a mini-festival on a Sunday evening.

Christmas Cards

This is an opportunity to get your children’s artwork printed on a greeting or thank you card – get all your cards done in one half term project.

Advent Fair

This is an evening event aimed at adults with local stallholders and parents selling crafts, food, and gift items for the holiday season. Come and have a mulled wine and some snacks whilst you shop for presents.

Winter Bazaar

This is an event at school where children buy gifts for their families. Parents and carers provide the gifts in advance and they are pooled together and the children then shop for a minimal amount for their family members.

Quiz Night

This is for the adults – an enjoyable evening where teams of 8 pit their wits against each other in a challenging quiz whilst eating and drinking.

Sponsored Bounce

Another one for the children. We hire a bouncy castle and the children are sponsored by you for each bounce.

Gig night

This is a Year 6 fundraiser for the adults to help raise funds for the Y6 leavers book and party and also to fund the Y6 journey for those who otherwise couldn’t go. A great  opportunity for parents and teachers to display their musical and comedy talents whilst having a good night out.

Summer Fair

This is our main fundraiser of the year and involves the whole school community. The Fair is arranged by Year 3 who carry out the bulk of the work but every class gets involved and has a specific stall to run.

Cake sale

A very traditional PTA event – you bring a cake and then they are sold after school. A favourite with the children.