What We Fund

As well as organizing many great educational activities for the children and parents of the school, Coleridge Families also raises funds to provide equipment, facilities and services that are not provided by Local Education Authority (LEA).

Here you can see some of the items that have been funded from money raised by Coleridge Families.

Halls Project

The Governors have been working on a proposal to create a single large hall with a dividing wall on the West side to enable whole School assemblies and better school productions for a considerable period of time. Coleridge Families have fund-raised for two years (2015 and 2016) to finance the project and associated costs relating to lighting, sound and staging. The building works took place in the Summer holidays in 2016 and so far have required some £50,000 of funding.

Library Project

The aim of the Library project is to update the stock of current books in both Libraries and to make the libraries better places for the children to visit and enjoy books. Coleridge Families have provided £4000 in 2016 which will be used primarily for new books, including more books which reflect the diversity of the School community, but will also be used to improve the spaces.

Multi-Use Games Area

The School and the Sports Council have been working together in implementing the sports plan over the last few years to provide additional sports provision in the school. With funding from Coleridge Families, the Council has been instrumental in providing additional coaching in tennis, squash, gymnastics and other sports as well as extra sports equipment. As a key part of this work the Sports Council and Coleridge Families raised the £60,000 needed for a new MUGA (multi use games area) for the School. £15,000 came from Haringey Council and £15,000 from Coleridge Families. We also ran a separate fundraising effort with parents which raised the remaining £25,000. The work was completed in the Summer of 2014.

Shirley Boffey House renovation

Coleridge Families provided just under £24,500 for this project. This amount, together with the completion of the tiled wall, enabled the SBH to be completed and brought into use in 2014. This project gave the School valuable extra rooms which can be used as drama and music spaces, for extra intervention and extension classes, and for speech therapy and counselling. Before and after school the SBH is used by Fair Play to provide wrap around care and rooms are available for community and other groups to rent providing valuable income for the School. Two flats in the building are rented out at subsidised rates to teachers.

Playground Improvements

In 2012/13, Coleridge Families funded the creation of the Outdoor Classroom on the West Side. This cost approximately £7,000.  In 2010, Coleridge Families purchased an outdoor stage.  This cost approximately £13,000. In 2009, Coleridge Families purchased a new climbing frame on the West site.  This cost approximately £20,000. We have also funded improvements in our Millennium Gardens and the infants playground on the East side including purchasing educational toys, play equipment and artificial grass.

Christmas Parties

Each year a Christmas party is held for every pair of classes.  The parties are held in the classrooms during school time so all children are able to attend.  Coleridge Families funds the food and presents.

Easter Egg Hunt

Each year the Coleridge Nursery runs an Easter egg hunt for children.  Coleridge Families provides the Easter Eggs.

Year 6 Leavers Book

Each year the Year 6 students compile a momento of their time at Coleridge.  Coleridge Families traditionally puts money toward the production of the book.  Recently, the children have been very effective at doing their own fundraising for this.

Year 6 Journey

Coleridge Families provides a subsidy for some children to go on the year 6 residential trip, to ensure that all children in the school have the opportunity to take part in this inspiring character building experience.

Parenting Classes

Coleridge Families has funded a new course for parents of children at Coleridge to improve their parenting skills.

Music Computers

Coleridge Families purchased a number of Apple computers to be used for music technology.